My teeny hand is frozen

This post has been part-written for a while. The weather took me – and a lot of other people – by surprise. So although this might seem unseasonable, trust me that it will be useful when it’s really chilly again. So, May, probably.

There are some babies who will not wear gloves. I have had three. The eldest refused gloves until that -17 degree winter we had, when he was old enough to reason with. Yeah, ok, old enough to bribe.

What did we do in the meantime?

Sock gloves.

The child’s own socks, or a size up, all the way up on top of the jumper sleeves but underneath the coat. The elastic creates friction between the fabric layers something something science something physics something and they can’t pull them off.

For extra credit, apply multiple layers, eg long-sleeved vest or t-shirt, sock one, jumper, sock two, coat, actual glove (for appearances’ sake).

Here the youngest at the zoo modelling his sock gloves. The sulky expression is because of hating to have his hands covered. Unlucky.Featured imageFeatured image


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