When verrucas just won’t give up

Eldest son had a verruca, which spread and turned into two verrucas, on the sole of his foot. They became painful, and we didn’t want them to spread to anyone else in the house or beyond, so we were diligently treating with Bazuka. The adverts promised such great things.

Several weeks in, nothing was changing – if anything they were getting bigger, uglier and more painful. So I searched online for “how to get rid of a verruca”. At this point I should warn those with weak stomachs, or those eating: Do Not Google Image Search Verruca.

Anyway, over and over in the various links people kept mentioning duct tape. A little further reading revealed that any verruca treatment works by creating a hostile environment for the verruca. Applied treatments such as Bazuka or apple cider vinegar (I considered it, but I needed mine for a new pulled pork recipe and couldn’t bear to use it for both reasons at once) create a chemically hostile environment, and duct tape starves the verruca of oxygen, apparently.

Eldest son was very skeptical about the treatment, which involved applying Bazuka after his bath or shower, then wrapping duct tape around his foot to completely cover the affected area. I can’t convey his intonation here, but “DUCT TAPE? ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME?!” is a fair representation.

Two weeks it took, after two months of nothing at all. Every time we uncovered it, the skin was a bit more wrinkly and the verruca itself was looking a bit more unhappy.

One day he got changed for swimming (note: when I tried to buy a verruca sock the pool staff told me you don’t have to have one any more so long as it’s being treated) and as he pulled his sock off it had a great lump in it. He brought it to me in great satisfaction.

“Look, mummy, my verruca has come off!”

And indeed it had. At long blooming last.

Terrible picture, but this is the lump of skin with one of the verrucas itself visible as a lump in the middle. Man alive, it was a thing of beauty. I mean, completely disgusting. Ahem. Like using those blackhead remover strips.

Aaaand here’s the craters left behind. We are now a couple of months on and nothing has returned.

So there you have it. Weeks of Bazuka did nothing until we destroyed the verrucas’ habitat by covering the area in duct tape.


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